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    Cyber Cafe gets a "thumbs up"

    In August, we held our first Cyber Cafe event, which is part of our ongoing Just Ask lifelong learning series. We had a wonderful turnout of 23 participants who engaged in the presentation with Jennifer McClanahand, Regional Marketing Director. We anticipate hosting more Cyber Cafe events in the future.When we opened up the floor for questions, Parsons Presbyterian Manor team members Maegen Pegues, Courtney Stangle and Sloan Dwyer joined Jennifer to help participants with some tips and tric...

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    Get to know: Nicohle Bushnell

    New administrative assistant Nicohle Bushnell wears many different hats in her new position, and that's what she loves about it."I enjoy that it's fast paced, and I enjoy all the people I get to work with. I love getting to know the residents, and I like to keep busy," said Nicohle. "My job entails doing all the secretarial duties, like answering the phones and emails, etc., but I also help put in all of the invoices to the corporate office and handle all of the trust acco...

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    Sweet treat during National Ice Cream Month

    We think our assisted living residents and staff are sure sweet, so we wanted to let them know! As we celebrated National Ice Cream Month we treated everyone to something sweet – ice cream sundaes! Mary Lea Ashcraft and activity director Jasmine Edie each enjoyed a scoop.

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    Parsons artists among Art is Ageless® masterpiece level winners

    Three winning artists in Parsons Presbyterian Manor’s annual Art is Ageless® juried competition will be featured in the 2019 Art is Ageless Calendar produced by Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America.“Crowing Barnyard Rooster,” Dorothy Jeffries, Mixed Media/Crafts; “Funny Bunny,” Janice Miller, Drawing; “Elephant Quilt,” Juanita Shepard, Quilting; will appear in the calendar when it is released this fall.In addition, “Old Blue & Rust,” Ly...

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    Get to know: Jasmine Edie

    Activity director Jasmine Edie is enjoying her new role at Parsons Presbyterian Manor, though she's been employed here in a different position for more than two years."I started as a CNA (certified nurse aide), and then I began doing RA (restorative aide) work part time, which allowed me to do more one on one with the residents. I really enjoyed having time set aside for those who were on the restorative program, so when I was told the activities job was available, I was excited to move...

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    CNAs make a difference

    by Rev. Jennifer Dawson, First Presbyterian Church, ParsonsThere are many ways to make a difference in the world. We are all called to make the world a better place.

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    Sloan's spot: Award-winning teacher for a mom

    When I was a little girl, as far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be in education. One of the big reasons why was because my mom is a teacher. She has always been a huge inspiration for my life in general, but when it comes to education, that is a whole different story.

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    Betty Olmsted, Overcomer

    In 1926, Betty Olmsted entered this world into a less-than-ideal situation, but anyone who knows her story can certainly say she’s made the most of what she was given, and even what she wasn’t given. Born to parents who married but never lived together, Betty’s upbringing was tumultuous under the abusive reign of her stepfather. She was told she’d never amount to anything, that she was ‘worthless.’ But Betty proved them wrong: again, and again, and again.“I worked my fool head off.

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    Senior Cyber Café: Learn to use your tablet, smartphone

    It's time to turn the table and stop asking your children or grandchildren for help with your tablet or smartphone. Learn how to navigate your device at a free event at Parsons Presbyterian Manor.Your children and grandchildren will be coming to you for assistance after this seminar! We'll cover the basics, like sending emails, downloading attachments, sharing photos and searching Google.

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    Sloan's Spot: Great things don't come from your comfort zone

    Change can always be a little overwhelming no matter the aspect of life. It is always scary when we have change in our lives and we tend to want to run and hide, especially if you are anything like me: an over-thinker with a pinch of the desire to please. When a new opportunity stumbles into my life or I want to make change, I then make a mental or physical list as to why I shouldn’t.

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