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Devotional: Signs of new life

I grew up in Texas, and spring in Texas comes earlier than it does here in Kansas. I have learned that we may still have snow in March here. I have learned that the signs of spring do not begin to show themselves until April and even May. So, here at the beginning of April we can start to look for signs of new life. We know that the brown grass will begin to turn green again. We know that the bare tree branches will begin to show leaves again. We know that bulbs planted in the darkness of the ground will begin to make their way out into the light. These are signs of new life. They are all around us. They are actually signs of death and resurrection. The seasons help to illustrate that idea for us. The leaves must fall before new ones begin to grow. The seed must die in order to become a beautiful flower. What seemed long dead begins to show color again. I marvel at my backyard, which has looked dead throughout the long winter months. I know that when it is time those things which have been bare and brown will become green and lush. There is a pink dogwood tree in front of my house that has looked so sad in these last months but it will blossom and be beautiful. It will be resurrected. It will show new life. This happens in our lives, too. We experience seasons of darkness, sadness and bare branch days. The spring comes, though. The promises of God make us new. We are revived and resurrected to new life in Christ. Like the leaves in the trees and the flowers in the field we begin to show our colors again. We begin to show signs of life. We can look out the window and remember that it will be so because God has promised to make all things new and that includes us. We are a part of God’s new creation.