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Find the joy in your journey

By Maegen Pegues, Executive Director

I have always believed that laughter is the best medicine. While laughter is usually an expression of happiness, it has also accompanied me during times of nervousness, sadness and confusion. My Grandma Martin was famous for her beautiful smile and contagious laugh, and I have always aspired to be just like her. She loved putting a smile on someone else’s face.

My understanding of joy continues to evolve as I journey through life, and I’ve noticed that I experience joy in two distinct ways. Moments in my daily life inspire the first kind. I might find joy in sweet things my children say, a phone call from a friend or cooking a meal that everyone enjoys. The second way I experience joy is as inner peace that comes from the trust and knowledge that Jesus is with me. Because I accept that He is with me, I will be OK. It is the ultimate reassurance that His love is everlasting.

Experiencing both types of joy is a choice. Proverbs chapter 17:22 tells us, “a joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Don’t let your spirit become crushed. Be intentional about finding something good and celebrate it! Choosing joy has a positive effect on you, but often it can be the best gift to the people around you. Pay it forward! Everyone likes that free coffee the person in front of them paid for. And let’s face it, sometimes you help to kickstart your joy.

Here are a few reminders that inspire me:

  • Do things that make you happy.
  • Be intentional about gratitude. Take the opportunity to lift someone else up by expressing your gratitude.
  • Find a purpose: don’t just have hobbies, have PASSIONS!
  • Double down on good relationships.

In closing, I ask you: What brings you joy?

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