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Tricia Sexton receives PMMA education assistance

When we’re children and teenagers, school may seem like a hindrance, something we have to do, against our wishes. But for CMA Tricia Sexton, school is something she now sees as something she “gets” to do. Something for her.

“I always wanted to have a nursing career when I was younger. I wanted to be in the emergency room or be aflight paramedic, but I had four kids, and trying to go back to school was difficult. I worked for Walmart for 16 years, and when my oldest was getting ready to graduate, I decided it was time,” said Tricia. “I remember my grandma had to be life-flighted when I was younger, and I wanted to help people from there on out. And I’ve had family members in the nursing field, so I guess it’s in my blood.”

Every spring, Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America employees have the opportunity to apply for continuing education awards, and Tricia was one such recipient.

Sarah Oenning, PMMA’s development director, said that’s because a group of private donors had the vision many years ago to set up endowments at some PMMA communities for employee education.

“It’s been a priority for a really long time,” Sarah said. “We know that donors saw that employee education was important and worth supporting.”

Tricia will begin the LPN program at Labette Community College in January, and will then go on to get her RN.

“I know there are only limited scholarship funds, and a lot of people put in for it. I was ecstatic to receive an award!” said Tricia. “I love this career path. I love the residents: seeing them every day, talking to them, and listening to their life stories.”

Tricia’s children are also thrilled about their mother’s new career, and even like to tease her from time to time about being in school “with” them.

“They think it’s great. Some of the stuff, math wise, we’re doing it at the same time. I’ll ask them to help me with a problem, and they say, ‘mom, I did that two years ago!’ They think it’s fun I’m going back to school and have homework like they do. They’ll even tell me, ‘Mom, you better get an A!”

Congratulations to Tricia and all other recipients of PMMA’s scholarship program.

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