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A Dr. Seuss celebration

National Nursing Home Week is a time for staff and residents of senior care communities to come together and celebrate all the good work being done to improve the lives of our elders.

This year, Nursing Home Week was May 12-18, and Parsons Presbyterian Manor built all of its activities around the theme of “Dr. Seuss.”

Life Enrichment Director Jasmine Edie said staff and residents had a blast dressing up, playing games and enjoying the special events designed to bring everyone together in an atmosphere of fun and celebration.

Activities were based off different Dr. Seuss books and included adding fun games to the daily morning exercise session. Residents and staff played a “One Fish, Two Fish” fishing game, Seuss Ring Toss, Toss the Cat in the Hat and Seuss Bowling.

“The group was a lot bigger than normal and everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot!” Jasmine said. “We even had a resident who was our ring toss champ!”

The most popular of the theme days was “Dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character.”

“The residents really loved seeing all the staff dressed up,” Jasmine said. “One resident told me it made her day so much more fun seeing the staff have fun.”

It was all capped off with a big party that incorporated elements of the weeks’ special activities.

“We brought everything we did throughout the week plus more and put it all into the party,” Jasmine said. “It was full of fun. I think it really brings everyone together when we are able to be a little silly at work.”

Hours and hours of preparation go into making Nursing Home Week successful each year, but Jasmine said seeing staff and residents smile and have fun is the payoff, and other employees lend a hand where they can.

“Nursing home week went very well,” she said. “I have an awesome team who enjoyed helping in any way that they could. Just seeing all of our residents and staff have such a good time and laughing made all the hard work worth it.”

Jasmine said she’s already thinking about fun ways to celebrate Nursing Home Week next year.

Her dedication to making it a special time for Parsons Presbyterian Manor doesn’t go unnoticed.

"Jasmine always does such a great a job with Nursing Home Week,” said Sloan Dwyer, marketing director. “I also want to give a huge shout-out to all the staff that also took time to make this such an amazing week for our residents."

PHOTOS: At the very top, left to right, are Terry Hayden, Dorothy Jacobs, and Babette Collins, social services, with resident Elizabeth Weaver. The group photo includes staff with residents Ralph and Betty Heady, each dressed up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character.

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