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Be a good Samaritan

“Go and do likewise.”

These words are found in the Bible, as Jesus tells the parable of the Good Samaritan, and instructs us that we are to do the same for others. Undoubtedly, so do this in many facets of our lives, from the time we help a young mother struggling to cover her grocery bill, to the time we leave a little extra on the tip for the young waiter working to finish college.

But how does this parable apply to our daily life here at Parsons Presbyterian Manor? While it may

be easy to see some of the challenges our fellow residents have, other challenges remain unseen. What happens, for example, when through no fault of their own, a resident has exhausted their financial resources? Where can they turn? Who is their neighbor?

We are. Through the Presbyterian Manor Good Samaritan Fund, we’re able to extend financial relief to those in need, allowing them to remain in our care. And while we’ll continue to provide this assistance for as long as possible, we turn to our community in asking for help to raise the necessary funds.

“We help many residents with tens of thousands of dollars in support every year,” said Maegen Pegues, executive director. “Through local fundraisers, such as the Oatmeal Supper and Angel Tree appeal, we’re only able to cover a small fraction of that amount. We’re looking for caring individuals or organizations to come alongside us and help us give a hand up to those who are down.”

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the Good Samaritan Fund, please contact Maegen Pegues, executive director, at 620-421-1450, or

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