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Celebrating our dining department

Even though we eat every day, and appreciate those who help make that possible, we take special time in March to celebrate Nutrition Month! Ruth Haile, dining services director, shared with us why preparing food for the residents of Parsons Presbyterian Manor is so much more than just checking all the nutritional boxes.

“When residents and their family members dine with us, we want them to feel like it’s home. We have a menu residents can order from, and ‘always available’ options for those days when they’d rather not order from that day’s menu. We offer a lot of options and prepare the food fresh and homemade. Residents often give feedback and suggestions, and we’re always tweaking and improving to meet their desires.”

So, what’s the most-requested dish?

“Believe it or not, everyone loves good, old-fashioned meatloaf. Our comfort foods are always a popular option.”

One thing many residents and family members might not be aware of is the dining department’s ability to cater for any event they may be having on the campus.

“We’ve prepared food for many family and community gatherings here.”

Thank you to our wonderful dining department for not only nourishing our bodies but our hearts and souls as well!

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