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Cool treat for hot summer nights

July is national ice cream month, and our residents fondly recall making, and eating, homemade ice cream.

Mary Lee Ashcraft happily proclaimed, "Oh yes! My husband loved his homemade ice cream so much. He would sit there stirring it up many times through the week.”

It is crazy to think that now we don't even think about hand stirring up homemade ice cream.

Another resident, Bob Andrews, expressed how a few of his family members use to bet on baseball games and whoever lost the game would be on that back porch stirring up the ice cream.

"It never failed that was the bet on the games," Bob said.

Everything was more simple back then. Ice cream is the best cool down treat for those hot summer nights. Whether you hit your local Sonic or Braum’s to get your ice cream fix, it is always a sweet, cool treat. Try out this recipe to make your summer nights even sweeter and cooler.

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