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Flexible options give Parsons resident home away from home

When Parsons resident Nora Winslow had to return to Parsons Presbyterian Manor after a stay in our PATH® (Post Acute to Home) program, she wasn’t distraught. Rather, she was hopeful.

“Initially, I was here for about three weeks in the PATH program, then went home. But I came down with an illness and needed to come back in here for a while. I even ended up in assisted living for a while as well. But I came out feeling much better than I did when I went in,” said Nora.

While at Parsons Presbyterian Manor, Nora was able to get the physical, occupational and speech therapy she needed. She says she now feels she is at 100 percent.

“I feel better now than when I first went in because speech therapy taught me to breathe, so I’m not out of breath going room to room,” said Nora. “All of the therapies were very good.”

Nora isn’t the first in her family to have multiple stays at Parsons Presbyterian Manor. Her late husband, Robert, came to stay in 2007 and liked it so much that he came back as a volunteer! He then stayed again in 2009.

“He enjoyed it so much he wanted to come back and help. I got familiar with the staff and residents, too, and it felt very comfortable to me,” said Nora.

Nora has eight children, 12 grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

“Nora’s been just the greatest patient here — so social. She’s made an impact on some of the residents here herself. She’s talked the PATH program up to other residents; she’s just a super sweet lady,” said Lori Sears, marketing director.

Nora will be missed, though we’re glad she accomplished her goal of returning home. Nora admits there are things she’ll miss about us, too.

“I’ll miss all the activities, like bingo, exercise, the Daily Grind coffee shop, any trips I was able to go on. It’s bittersweet,” said Nora.

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