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Get to know: Jasmine Edie

Activity director Jasmine Edie is enjoying her new role at Parsons Presbyterian Manor, though she's been employed here in a different position for more than two years.

"I started as a CNA (certified nurse aide), and then I began doing RA (restorative aide) work part time, which allowed me to do more one on one with the residents. I really enjoyed having time set aside for those who were on the restorative program, so when I was told the activities job was available, I was excited to move to another department where I would be able to do more with the residents and find ways to make their life more enjoyable at Presbyterian Manor," said Jasmine.

Jasmine's favorite part of activities is finding different activities for the residents to do, finding an activity that triggers a story from their past that they love to tell and seeing them laugh while playing a card game when they are winning or losing.

"I love being able to make the residents as happy as possible and feel welcomed and at home here at Presbyterian Manor. I have three kids, so outside of work I am a busy mom. All of my friends have kids around the same age, so we are always together planning something such as a cookout, camping, swimming and DIY crafts to all do together. However, when it becomes winter, I enjoy staying inside and finding as many different crafts and things to bake as possible. My oldest loves to help in the kitchen, so we always bake more treats than we can eat. For my alone time, I enjoy a good read and I love to find a good show to binge watch."

We're glad Jasmine has continued her role here and are looking forward to all the activity ideas she comes up with!

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