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Get to know: Nicohle Bushnell

New administrative assistant Nicohle Bushnell wears many different hats in her new position, and that's what she loves about it.

"I enjoy that it's fast paced, and I enjoy all the people I get to work with. I love getting to know the residents, and I like to keep busy," said Nicohle. "My job entails doing all the secretarial duties, like answering the phones and emails, etc., but I also help put in all of the invoices to the corporate office and handle all of the trust accounts, petty cash, resident cash and all of those things."

Nicohle has a bachelor’s degree in family and consumer science, and has worked in a variety of different positions, even teaching.

"A friend told me about this position, and I thought it would suit me well. I try to be an upbeat, positive person."

Outside of work, Nicohle has two kids and two dogs that keep her busy and is also active in her church. We're glad Nicohle joined us, and we're looking forward to everything she brings to the position.

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