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Human resources director is a reluctant role model

If you search for the definition of humble, you might find a photo and description of Human Resources Director Courtney Stangle. While she is hesitant to be in the spotlight, she’s certainly deserving of recognition.

“Courtney is a role model for our direct care staff, or anyone really, to continue their education,” said Marketing Director Sharla Hopper. “Courtney has recently returned to school, and last month she was awarded a ‘Live Your Dream’ scholarship from the Soroptimists.”

In fact, if it hadn’t been for Sharla’s encouragement and insistence, Courtney wouldn’t have even applied for the scholarship.

“Up to this point, I hadn’t applied for any scholarships. It’s all been student loans,” said Courtney. “I don’t like to take handouts. I always assume someone else out there needing it worse. Sharla encouraged me to apply for this. She said if I didn’t, she would fill it out for me. I’m very glad she did.”

After learning Courtney’s story, it isn’t hard to understand why Sharla considered her more than worthy of this scholarship.

“I dropped out of high school my junior year and went back and got my GED. From there, I worked fast food, at a bank, and then got a job at Labette Health for seven years. While there, I got a promotion into the HR department,” said Courtney. “Then I had my twin girls in November of 2007. At that point in my life, I realized that I needed to go back to school and better myself and get more of an education. But life was busy.

“Then my husband, Jeremy, passed away in October 2015 after we had our third child. There was no hesitating after that. I had to make a better life for me and my three girls and achieve as much job security as I could. In May of 2016 I applied to DeVry University. Their classes are all online, and it’s convenient.”

Even when others offer admiration for her strength and determination, Courtney doesn’t see herself as a role model.

“I’ve been told I’m a role model, but I struggle with that mentality. Someone told me I’m an awesome person. But I don’t feel like I did anything in the situation differently than anyone else would. This is what God gave me. I have to keep going forward. A boulder fell in the road, but we still have to find a way,” said Courtney.

Courtney certainly is finding her way at PMMA and is glad she’s building her career here.

“I thoroughly enjoy my job here. I have my sights set on eventually achieving my administrator’s license, and staying within the PMMA corporation. I’m very happy where I am, but would like to advance.”

When she’s not at work or taking classes, you can find Courtney spending time with her girls. She enjoys coaching whatever athletic pursuits they participate in.

“It doesn’t matter what sport season it is, I’m coaching everything. I’m very involved with them, and I try to get out and live life a little when I have time,” said Courtney. “No matter what life throws at you, there’s always a way to learn and build up from that. I would encourage anyone who’s interested to go back to school. Eventually you’ll get there.”

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