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Love is in the air

Raymond and Alberta Newby celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary on December 1, 2018. To celebrate, they got a sheet cake and shared it with everyone in assisted living.

They got married in 1946 after Raymond got back from serving in WWII; Alberta was 19 and Raymond was 23. They met while Alberta was a senior in high school and linked back up after he returned and got married shortly after.

They feel they have a lived a very “richly blessed marriage together.”

"We're lucky to have this life together with three boys and a daughter, all who've been very successful themselves, along with grandchildren for us to enjoy," said Raymond.

When Alberta was asked if she remembered anything special on her wedding day, she said, “It was a cold day, but beautiful. It was filled with lots of fun with family and friends. We did have a good party afterward in our new, small apartment."

To this day, Raymond still calls Alberta his girlfriend, a reflection of the excitement and joy he still feels with her.

What is their magic trick to have such a wonderful, long marriage?

Alberta shares, “I like to say that marriage is similar to a bed of roses – it is very beautiful, but it does have thorns. Lucky, I had Raymond to get through the thorns with.”

Raymond shares, “Marriage is all about give and take. Don’t get mad over things, and it will all work out.”

Alberta and Raymond have lived with us in an assisted living apartment since February of 2017.

“We highly enjoy this place. It isn’t home but it’s the next best thing,” Alberta stated.

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