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Nora Winslow finds PATH to recovery

For a time after Nora Winslow broke her femur in April 2018, she believed she’d only get around with a wheelchair.

Thanks to her work with physical therapists in Parsons Presbyterian Manor’s PATH® program (Post-Acute-to-Home), she’s fully recovered. Today, she’s walking around her Independent Living home at Parsons Presbyterian Manor without the aid of a walker.

“I kind of dreaded going sometimes,” Nora laughed. “But I knew I needed it. They helped me walk again. I once said something about just using a wheelchair, and everyone said you won’t need that when you’re done.”

In 2012, PMMA launched PATH to strengthen service to older adults. The program serves patients who have been discharged from a hospital, but still require therapy and special care to make the transition from hospital to home. PATH helps patients regain mobility and promotes a safe return to their home.

Nora said she went to therapy five days a week, working for up to an hour to restore her strength and balance. She began the effort shortly after release from the hospital and moved back to Independent Living in September.

Now, not only is she able to live freely in her home, she’s able to walk to Presbyterian Manor each day for lunch, and even take an evening stroll every now and then.

“I praise Presbyterian Manor for helping me get back to walking,” Nora said. “They were all so nice and encouraging. The therapy was great, and it was right there. They were very helpful. They were all great.”

For more information about our PATH program, contact Sloan Dwyer, marketing director, at 620-421-1450 or

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