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Parsons Presbyterian Manor announces Art is Ageless 2018 winners

(Top row, left to right) Dorothy Jeffries, “Crowing Barnyard Rooster,” Sculpture/3-D, professional
Janice Miller, “Funny Bunny,” first place Drawing, amateur.
Janine Albertini, “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” first place Christmas, amateur
Lyn Kirk, “Old Blue & Rust,” Mixed Media/Crafts, professional
(Bottom row, left to right) David McConnell, “Pine Bowl,” first place Sculpture/3-D, amateur
Eweleen Good, “Spirit Lifter,” first place, Photography, amateur.
Barbara Evans (Amateur), “Who's Got the ?,” Fiber Arts, amateur
Doris Yeoman (Amateur), “Cherokee Child,” first place, Needlework, amateur
Skip Smith (Prof), “In the Spirit,” Drawing, professional

Parsons Presbyterian Manor recently hosted a reception for the winning artists in the annual Art is Ageless® juried competition.

“We are honored to exhibit artwork by seniors,” said Lori Sears, marketing director. “Art is Ageless is unique in featuring only the works of artists age 65 and older. Our artists prove that art, in any form, is an ageless ambition.”

Winners in the Parsons Presbyterian Manor Art is Ageless juried competition were:

  • Best of Show: Skip Smith, “In the Spirit”
  • People’s Choice: Dorothy Jefferies, “Crowing Barnyard Rooster”
  • Judge’s Choice: Max Good, “Yellow Crowned Night Heron”
  • Christmas (professional: Joan Allen, “Snowy Christmas”
  • Christmas (amateur): Janine Albertini, “Baby it’s Cold Outside”
  • Drawing (professional): Skip Smith (Prof), “In the Spirit”
  • Drawing (amateur): Janice Miller, “Funny Bunny”
  • Fiber Arts (amateur): Barbara Evans (Amateur), “Who's Got the ?”
  • Mixed Media/Crafts (professional): Lyn Kirk, “Old Blue & Rust”
  • Mixed Media/Crafts (amateur): Patricia Ringle, “Purrrfect Sunset”
  • Needlework (amateur): Doris Yeoman (Amateur), “Cherokee Child”
  • Painting (professional): Lyn Kirk, “Church on a Snowy Hill”
  • Painting (amateur): Janice Miller, “I’ll Be Right Back”
  • Photography (professional): Max Good, “Yellow Crowned Night Heron”
  • Photography (amateur): Eweleen Good, “Spirit Lifter”
  • Quilting (amateur): Juanita Shepard, “Elephant Quilt”
  • Sculpture/3-D (professional): Dorothy Jefferies, “Crowing Barnyard Rooster”
  • Sculpture/3-D (amateur): David McConnell, “Pine Bowl”

Local competition winners will join winners from 16 other Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America communities to be judged at the masterpiece level. Winning entries at the masterpiece level are selected for publication in PMMA’s annual Art is Ageless calendar and note cards.

Art is Ageless is a copyrighted program of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America. For the competition, works must have been completed in the past five years. Started in 1980, Art is Ageless is an extension of Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America’s wellness programs, which focus on mental, physical, social and spiritual health.

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