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Resident treasures a favorite holiday decoration

During the holiday season, Wilma Allison displays a bright red arrangement right in front of her television.

It’s her favorite Christmas decoration: a sheaf of holly berries studded with apples, all tucked into a darker red pot. Wilma says she favors the eye-catching piece because red is her favorite color, and it reminds her of Christmas.

“She found it at Hobby Lobby and fell in love with it,” said Wilma’s daughter Lori Davis.

It was one of the decorations Lori saved when she moved into her mother’s house.

Decorating was always something Wilma enjoyed, her daughter said.

“She loves it,” she said. “I don’t think there was a season that went by that she didn’t decorate for. And of course, we always had a real tree at Christmas.”

Her father traveled for work and would keep an eye out for potential Christmas trees, keeping an eye on any that looked promising until they were just the right size.

He died 25 years ago, and both she and her mother are still a bit broken-hearted, Lori said.

That was the thing: Wilma always decorated their house beautifully, but it was for the benefit of the people she loved.

“She loved decorating for Christmas, but she loved family more,” Lori said.

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