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Sloan's Spot: Roots

When my brother and I were young children (clearly), my parents taught us to be many things: respectful, responsible, mannerly, hardworking, and to have ownership and accountability. Along with many other things – I’m sure of that because they wanted us to be the best that we could be. If you were to ask my brother or me if they were hard on us? What about unfair? You better believe we would say, "Of course." Especially if you asked us five years ago.

As I am now a parent, it is such an eye opener to the many things I may have thought were unbearable or just downright mean. I know now that their hard love and honesty meant so much more than just some good ole discipline. So, no, I will not apologize for where I am today, because my parents built my roots so tough, hardworking and with determination from the jump that I will forever be thankful to them for it.

I am where I am today because of my own hard work – my own responsibility -- my own respect for others – my own ownership – my own accountability – my own manners.

There have been many life lessons as an adolescent where they made me own up to my mistakes and face the consequences regardless what they were. They were a helping hand but let me go on my own when it was necessary for my own growth. I was built from “the ground up” by some amazing humans who are rock solid people.

Do I think that I have lived a fortunate life? Absolutely, however my parents have worked so hard for the life they live and the life we all lived. You can’t hold things against humans because their core being is strong willed. I worked so hard to get where I am today. Hard work does pay off. Your roots … your core … who you are says a lot about you. I won’t go a day where I am not thankful for my roots.

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