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The bonds of sisterhood are strong at Parsons Presbyterian Manor!

Laura Groff and Maxine Stacy grew up in Cherryvale, Kansas and despite their six-year age difference, they’ve remained very close over the years. In fact, they’re now neighbors at Parsons Presbyterian Manor, thanks to Laura moving in last October.

“We see one another every day for lunch,” said Maxine, who lives in Independent Living.

“We also enjoy doing puzzles together and we LOVE shopping,” said Laura, who lives in Assisted Living.

The pair lost a brother, and both are widowed. That makes their current bond stronger than ever, they say.

“I feel very blessed that she’s here with me,” Maxine said.

Both ladies are avid readers and say they’re loving life together at Parsons Presbyterian Manor. Laura also enjoys her grandchildren and great-grandchildren whenever she gets to see them!

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