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The power of giving thanks

​“Thank you.” A simple statement, but with a powerful message. Have you ever thought about what it means? ​

It is the expression of gratitude or appreciation for something that has added a benefit to you. In other words, you have become more valuable because of someone or something which has come into your life. Too often, we accept any number of items into our lives without considering the source of them. We go to the closet and select an item to wear without considering who laundered that item and hung it there, or we go to the kitchen faucet in order to get a drink, turn on the faucet and out pours the liquid which will quench our thirst. We don’t think about the employee who sits at the water treatment plant supervising the accumulation of water, the treatment of the water so that it is safe for us to drink, and the distribution of the water to each home. ​

Think about all the people in your past who have given you so much to become the person you are today – parents, grandparents, family members, friends, teachers, pastors, Bible study leaders, spouse and children. Each one has contributed a lesson, a thought, an inspiration, an action of love, a protection to keep you from harm. Each one added to your life a new richness – you are more valuable as a result of them being in your life. ​

As I think about these contributors, I can’t forget about the value God has given to us. He is the One who has given us life. Not just life here on Earth for 100 years, but life that goes beyond this life into eternity. The gift of Jesus delivers God’s loving gift of forgiveness for our sins, and the gift of the Holy Spirit bestows on us the constant presence of the divine in our daily living. ​

We have much to be thankful for – all of this and so much more. Take a few minutes to review your life. You will discover how wealthy you are because of the valuable gifts you have received. ​

Give thanks.

Prayer: “Thank you, LORD, for giving me so much. Help me to remain in an attitude of gratitude, and inspire me to become a giver of value to others. Amen.”

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