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Sloan's Spot: Healthier you

Like many, I tend to focus on eating healthier foods as each new year approaches. It must be that new year "feeling" of wanting to turn over a new leaf in order to feel better, to be better. In order to remain healthy, one must focus on a diet full of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and plenty of liquids. Eliminating a surplus of sugary drinks and snacks will prove to be beneficial.

Unfortunately, we must realize that our daily diet can't be driven by what we prefer to eat but by what we "need" to eat. Emphasis must be placed on the realization that disease and conditions can be inhibited or reduced by simply making healthier choices about what we put into our mouths.

The most important part of creating a healthier you is to make changes that will last your entire life. New year diets only allow for short term changes. We must be willing to change our lifestyle in order to live long healthy lives. Make it a habit to grab healthy snacks and to add more water to your diet. Make that lifestyle change today!

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